social inclusion project

'Equal Strands in the Community' is a social inclusion project. This is for anyone who needs specialist and individual therapeutic support around aspects of daily living and accessing the community.

The social inclusion project uses the '5 Ways to Wellbeing' model and is delivered by Mark who is a qualified social worker and registered with HCPC. He has 25+ years working with adults and children & families in both voluntary and statutory services.

'Equal Strands in the Community' is for you if: 
  • If you or your child find it difficult to go out (work, education, socially)
  • Find it hard to make changes to your daily routine
  • Struggle to think of what and how to do things differently
  • Your confidence and emotional wellbeing is low
  • You want to participate in new activities but do not know what or how to get started. 
You can choose a 6 week tailor-made package OR ongoing support. Mark will work through the skills you need and work alongside you while you make changes to your life and see the impact on your wellbeing.