education & transition packages

1. is your child school ready?

This package is for you if you are concerned about how your child is coping or might cope when they start school.

What is involved?

• Free telephone consultation

• Home, school or nursery visit

• Assessment of speech, language & communication levels in relation to Early Years Foundation Stage or the National Curriculum.

• Advice & planning

• x3 Speech & Language Therapy sessions

• Video or written report. 

2. transition

This package is for you (or your child) if you are worried about transitioning to secondary education, college or university.

What is involved?

• Free telephone consultation

• Assessment and observation

• Advice & planning

• x3 individual tailored transition sessions

testimonial following ehc assessment

"I cannot thank Heidi enough for her support and flexibility to engage with my daughter in order to carry out assessment. Her commitment and professionalism then ensured an accurate report" Allison

3. education, health and care (EHC) plan 

This package is relevant if your child was provided with a statement, needs a ‘Education, Health and Care’ (EHC) plan, or you are appealing the recommendations set out by your local authority. 

It is also relevant to local authorities, schools or academy groups needing their pupils' plans updating in a specialist and timely manner. 

What is involved?

• Free telephone consultation

• Assessment of communication ability and needs (in the context of education and the National Curriculum)

• Written report

• Feedback and planning